‘Which I’m Not Doing’: Biden Recalling COVID-19 Rules While Getting Too Close to Person – Video

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday visited a coronavirus vaccination clinic in Alexandria, Virginia. Later he addressed issues of the vaccine rollout in the US, announcing that all adult Americans would be immunized earlier than expected.

While promoting vaccination on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden got too close to a person sitting in front row while recalling the main rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a video posted in Twitter.

“Keep wearing a mask, wash the hands and socially distance – which I’m not doing,” he noted in a self-critical manner after he found that he had gotten too close to clinic worker.

Later, in the White House, Biden made some remarks during a television address, regarding the process of immunization against COVID-19 in the US. According to him, every American adult could be vaccinated with at least one shot by 19 April, two weeks earlier that initially planned.